By: Dom


Backing up involves more risk than driving forward, because you cannot see as clearly.  New drivers often get confused when they try to guide their car while backing up. Follow these steps in order to practice backing up effectively.

When backing straight, did you:






1. Make sure the path is clear and check all mirrors and make sure to turn and make sure that any blind spots are also clear.

2. Have your right foot on the brake and shift properly into reverse gear?

3. Hold the car by keeping your right foot on the brake until you were ready to move?

4. Place your left hand on top of the steering wheel?

5. Place your right hand and arm over the back of the front passenger seat and turn your head and body to the right until you could see out the back window?

6. Ease pressure from your brake so that the car moved slowly?

7. Use slight pressure on the accelerator only if needed to move the car slowly?

8. Look where you wanted to go so you could identify steering errors early and correct them gradually?

9. Look mostly out the rear window, with alternating, quick, repeated glances to the front?

10. Look out the rear window until the moment you came to a complete stop?