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Are you qualified to take the road test?


-Must be at least 17 years old

-Must have completed six months of supervised driving without any suspensions or postponements

-For those over 21, you must have completed three months of supervised driving without any suspensions or postponements

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 What to bring to the road test:

   -Valid inspection sticker

   -Valid registration document

   -Valid insurance card

   -Valid examination permit

   -An accompanying licensed driver

   -Car must be without defects (working seatbelts, proper brakes, unsafe
tires, unreasonably unclean interior)

   -Examiner must be able to reach either the foot brake or parking brake

More Information Regarding Your Road Test

What skills are tested behind the wheel?

Driving in reverse

Stopping at appropriate signs

Nearing corners or intersections

Stopping smoothly

Sitting properly

Turning around

Steering properly

Parallel parking

Yielding to right-of-way

What's on the written test?

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You passed!

The examiner will give you an authorization slip in addition to your permit to get your license at an MVC Agency


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