By: Dom

You start to become nervous and your body shows it by sweating as your behind the wheel instructor says, "Park it right there!" Most students that prepare for the drivers test read the instructions in their manual and say to themselves, "This is easy." But when the time comes to actually do it themselves, the word easy starts to diminish into, "I can't do this." Whether you are practicing to take your drivers test or just trying to park your vehicle at the mall, this page will guide you safely into a parking spot with comfort and confidence.

Perpendicular Parking

1. Position your vehicle at least eight feet from the row of parked vehicles, or as far the the left of the lane as possible.

2. Flash your brake lights and signal a right turn.

3. Check your right blind spot and begin to brake.

4. Check traffic to the rear, and continue braking.

5. Determine your personal reference point to know when the front bumper of your vehicle passes the left rear taillight of the vehicle to the right of the empty parking space.

6. Turn the wheel sharply right. Slowly enter the parking space. Check your rear fender for clearance.

7.Straighten the wheels when you are centered in the space. 

Parallel Parking

1.     Find a parking space large enough to fit the vehicle.
2.     Signal for a stop and signal to the right to alert motorist that the vehicle will back up to the right
3.     Pull up alongside  about two to four feet from the vehicle in front

4.     Turn and check to see that the way is clear behind the vehicle before backing up
5.     Turn your body to look out the rear window of the vehicle begin backing up slowly for about two feet and turn the steering wheel all the way to the right
6.     When the front of the vehicle has cleared the rear bumper of the vehicle in front, stop and check the angle.
7.     Make sure the right back wheel has not hit the curb
8.     Turn the steering wheel all the way to the left while beginning to back up slowly.
9.     Make sure the vehicle can clear its back bumper.
10.   When the vehicle is in line, stop. Be sure not to hit the vehicle in back.

11. Turn the vehicle’s wheels straight, and drive to the center of the parking space. The vehicle’s tires should be no more than six inches from the curb.